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Posted by, Erica Olsen on 18-January-2014

You bet your bottom dollar I played Footloose in the barn! It looks like an exact shot from the movie for heaven’s sake! Don’tcha think? 😀

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Posted by, Erica Olsen on 17-January-2014

Majel, Dre and I all connected over Nick Cave’s “sound suits” during our music meeting. They are the couple that turned me on to “Pata Pata” by Miriam Makeba for their reception this past Summer. Such a darling photo of a lovely day.

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Posted by, Erica Olsen on 15-January-2014

Claudia + David’s wedding was so fun, for so many reasons. I just received this photo of Claudia’s sister who danced all night in her cleopatra sequined dress and combat boots. She’s a hero! Outside of photos of couples, this has got to be my favorite photo.

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